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Pedal to Wine (E-Bikes)

E-Bike Participant (Weekday Mon to Thur)
E-Bike Participant (WEEKEND Fri to Sun)
Includes $20 Wine Tasting Credit added on at time of booking. Price is the same for kids under 21 and for non wine drinkers

Guided E-bike Vineyard Tour

This epic, guided e-bike tour starts at the beautiful Alcantara Vineyard & winds down to the Verde River, then looping back to the winery where your $20 credit awaits.

Expect to be wowed by the wildlife, beautiful vineyard setting, and the Scenic Verde River. The guides will share their knowledge of the cultural, historical and natural surroundings along the way.

No matter your skill level, the Pedal to Wine Tour is a must when visiting the Verde Valley.