3 Ways to Make Labor Day in the Sedona Area Effortless!

Labor Day is set aside as a tribute to the American workforce and there is no better way to celebrate this holiday than by not working! Take it easy this Labor Day Weekend with a Verde Adventure from Sedona Adventure Tours. Say farewell to Summer in wild style tubing on the Verde River as the kids splash and swim along in a last-chance Tubing Madness run. Or you can leisurely paddle a kayak to Alcantara Vineyards for a lovely afternoon of wine tasting on a Classic Water to Wine Tour. Whatever your speed, here are 3 ways Verde Adventures is working hard to make your Labor Day Holiday effortless! 


We Provide the Widest Range of Adventures!

Finding a fun activity for the whole family can be a lot of work, so let us help you plan a hassle-free Labor Day Weekend with a Verde Adventure designed just for you! As the original outfitter on the Verde River, we are the experts and offer the biggest selection of river trips, tubing runs, wine tastings, and archaeological tours to complete your Labor Day festivities in Sedona. We have spud boats for kids 9 to 12, single inflatable kayaks for kids 13 to 99, and tandem kayaks for the wee ones or for those who just want to sit back and enjoy the ride. It’s your family, so have fun your way!


We Have the Closest River Trips to Phoenix and Sedona!

The closest Verde River Adventures to Phoenix and Sedona means the shortest driving distance to your epic getaway, and the shorter the drive, the more time for fun! The Verde River runs through the geographical center of the State of Arizona, so after your kayaking adventure it is a short drive to, well… just about anywhere! Take a Sporty and Sweet guided kayak tour on the Verde River and you will notice the historical mining town of Jerome clinging to the side of Mingus Mountain. Just 30 minutes away, you could be there in time for lunch at the ghost-town themed Haunted Hamburger after your morning Verde River kayaking adventure.


We Offer the Easiest Verde River Kayaking Adventures!

Let your knowledgeable guide, our safe and stable inflatable kayaks, and the spring-fed flow of the great Verde River do the hard work for you! Soak up the cool water, bask in the warm sunshine, enjoy the magnificent scenery, take selfies among the green trees and red rocks, listen to the birds, watch for wildlife, swim, chat with a friend, or laugh with a loved one – do almost anything but work on a Verde Adventure tour! We have it all figured out and we love what we do. We work hard so you don’t have to!