About Us

Meet Verde Adventures by Sedona Adventure Tours!

For the past 11 years, we have had the honor to educate and provide incredible adventures on one of Arizona’s best-kept secrets, the Verde River, as it flows through the Verde River Valley. Almost unknown except for local boater and river adventurers in the past, the Verde River has now come alive with exceptional public awareness of how precious it is to have water on a free-flowing river in the desert.

The Verde River now boasts 10 public river access points, maps, and year-round access for boating, fishing, birding, and tubing.

On any of our Arizona river tours, wine tours, and shuttle services, our well-trained and passionate staff of professional guides and shuttle drivers provide you with exceptional information on geology, archeology, history, flora, and fauna.

We are committed to creating remarkable and memorable Verde Valley adventure experiences while maintaining our personal commitment to the preservation and sustainability of the Verde River and the Verde River Valley.