Tubing Madness at Cottonwood

Starting at $30 | Full Day of Tubing Madness


Looking for fun in the sun the whole family will enjoy? Try a full day of Tubing Madness!

An Arizona River Tubing Adventure

  • Expect to get lots of sun and very wet! The float takes from one an a half to two and a half hours depending on river conditions, and how much you paddle or just float along.
  • Due to the logistical nature of this tubing stretch only one run is possible unless you reserve another spot in the afternoon.

What To Expect

  • Check in at Verde Adventures and pick up the must-have items: Water shoes, coolers, ice, water, and snacks
  • We provide water cannons for epic water fights as you ‘leisurely’ float downstream!


  • About two hours
  • *Note: Tubing Madness begins May 25, 2018 for the season

 What to Bring

  • Big smiles and laughter — it’s going to be a fun adventure
  • Clothing that is suitable for the weather conditions
  • Change of clothing for after the trip (you will be getting wet)
  • Shoes or sandals that can get wet, sunhat, sunglasses and strap, sunscreen, plastic ziplock for phones, camera, and whatever else you need to keep dry
  • Water bottles and quick snacks