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Wine Tours of Sedona, AZ

Explore the beautiful waters of the Verde River and the unique vineyards of the Verde Valley on our wine tours! Our little high desert oasis offers the best river and wine adventures, featuring award-winning vineyards. Join us on a wine tour of the Verde Valley and enjoy the best of the region.

From $85.00

Verde Valley is now a wine and recreation destination, and e-bikes are quickly becoming the most popular way to explore the Alcantara Vineyard and the Verde Adventures e-bike tour the Pedal to Wine.

It’s easy to see why when you combine adventure, wine, and views to create the ultimate wine country tours. Both e-biking tours and our Water to Wine river trips are available on a daily basis. We use state-of-the-art bikes, and each person is fitted for a cycle that is specific to their height. We also outfit you with a helmet, and water bottle and carry other safety gear with us. We meet you at the vineyard where your car will be parked and all your activities can be combined into one location.